FABsheets Customization Options

FABsheet™ Customization Options

FABsheets™ are made up of two primary elements:


Templates are the data & photo layouts and control all elements related to the listing

  • There are 30+ templates available with more being added monthly
    • Feel free to make layout/template suggestions
  • Custom or Exclusive templates:
    • $150 one time fee, $25 minor edits after 1 month
    • Exclusive to REALTOR/TEAM
    • Franchise Brand, Agency Exclusive Options


The Design is the overall look including header & footer colors, background colors, background watermarks, contact info, agency/team/personal logos & REALTOR personal/team photos.

Default Profile/Photo Options

By default a very basic simple Contact Info Block is created based on your account profile info. If you upload your photo under your profile it will also be auto included. Just click the ‘Update Design’ button from your FABsheets™ Profile page.

Semi-Generic Design

Give your FABsheets a more professional and identity consistent look. With the Semi-Generic Design service we hand craft your Contact Info Block.

  • Photo background removed for more sophisticated look(if necessary)
  • Font, text layout and included info  to match existing identity objects for improved brand consistency
  • Select from one of the 12+ prebuilt header/footer design color schemes
  • Incorporate personal or team logo where applicable
  • Agency specific company logo
  • Included with FABsheet™ Pro or Team Annual Subscription
  • $49 – Initial Build – includes FABsheet™ Done For You credit ($35 value) for first listing
    • $25 – Minor updates/Revisions (after 1 month of initial build)
  • $40 – Rebuild/Extensive Changes and/or new photo with background removal.

Semi-Custom & Custom Design Services

  • Custom colors, fonts, text layouts to complete brand/identity consistency
  • Logo & Watermark inclusion for advanced look and feel
  • Completely built to your specifications
  • Unlimited revisions until perfect (3 month window)
  • Files Uploaded & Design Tested with FABsheet
  • Assuming all needed artwork is provided in vector formats and minimal manipulation of artwork is required.
  • Semi-Custom:
    • Simple header, footer, background
    • Version consistent contact info blocks (each of 4 corners the same for each size & page version)
    • Most designs can be made Semi-Custom. Call to discuss your needs.
  • Custom Design:
    • Complete flexibility on a per size basis.
    • Advanced styled header/footer fit to each size option
    • Consists of 24 different edited/uploaded files for 3 FABsheet sizes (Letter, Legal, Ledger)
  • $120 – Semi-Custom,
    • $35 minor edits/updates (after 3 months)
  • $200 – Full-Custom (artwork provided)
    • $50 minor edits/updates (after 3 months)


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