SalesBOSS Assist

We handle the back office so you can do what makes you happy:
  • Networking
  • Building Relationships
  • Preparing CMAs
  • Listing Homes
  • Showing Property
  • Neogtiating Deals
  • Spending Time With Family

Help Is Here!

SalesBOSS Assist programs are tailored to your specific needs, business needs and your goals and objectives for the amount of business you have and how you operate it. In the end, if we are not clearly making you more money than you are spending AND making your life easier then we have failed. There are no contracts. We work month to month. We are highly motivated to constantly demonstrate our value to you.

SalesBOSS Assist Membership Benefits

There are many ways we can assist you here are some of them. You may also want to read more about our SalesBOSS Social Assist Program and how it works.

Strategic Business Planning

There are an endless number of ways for Realtors to spend money. What is the smartest best use of your marketing dollars based on your unique strengths and experience? We sit down with you to look where you are at, where you want to go and devise a plan on how to get you there.

Marketing & Technology Curation

We are constantly scanning the North American real estate market for the latest and greatest technology and marketing ideas, solutions, tips and techniques. We curate this fire hose of information bringing the best ideas and information in condensed form to you on a regular basis.

Success Circles

By bringing together ideas, best practices and what does and does not work from other partners in our limited exclusive network all members benefit. Initially as the hubs of the wheel we cross share ideas. The long term plan is to hold semi-annually Master Mind sessions with different members sharing their own styles, techniques and tools of the trade. 30 Realtors who don’t compete working to make each other better. The ultimate formula for market success and dominance.

Accountablity Partner & Performance Coaching

For most Realtors, the best plans fall apart because you wear too many hats to stay consistent. You usually don’t have anyone holding you accountable. We handle ensuring consistency of implementation of the plan while holding you accountable for completing the responsibilities only you can and should perform for optimal performance. How much and how often is up to the Member.

Brand Strategy & Creation

A brand strategy doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, just consistent. Depending on your budget we help you put in place a low cost effective strategy and manage creation of all the different pieces you might need and add to it as needed in an ongoing consistent approach.

Partner Exclusives Tools

Through the Success Circle sessions we as a group identify the latest and best marketing ideas. SalesBOSS then puts in place the technology to implement the exclusive program as automated as possible to keep your costs low. Unique market advantage, group buying power and efficiencies are exclusive to SalesBOSS Assist Members.

Database & CRM Loading

Hand us your boxes and missmash of records of past deals, we will go through the records for you and extract the relevent information, put it in a spreadsheet and load it into your SalesBOSS and/or 3rd Part Contact Management System. We even have innovative ways to get up to date information from past clients you haven’t spoken to in years just by having an address. It’s never too late to connect with a past client, friend or work associate to build our database.

Full Concierge

Full Concierge takes on all the tasks related to top notch marketing your new listing. Ordering pictures, sign installation, arranging staging, creating FABsheets, ordering prints and anything else related to getting your new listing up to speed. During the entire process you are kept up to date with text and email updates.

R.E.V.A. Pool

A shared pool of highly skilled competent remote real estate virtual assistants. Text or call in your request. An oversight manager takes ownership of the task and a REVA will get it done fast.

Technology Support

Low cost technical support to help you with any technical related issues. Phone, computer, tablet, applications. A tech whiz at your finger tips to walk you through the problem, provide one on one training or just get you going as fast as possible. Billed in 10 min increments with no minimum.

Graphic Design Support

A one stop cost effective stop for all those little graphical design needs that come along. By holding a repository of all your original artwork we quickly and efficiently can provide you with what you need and ensure it is consistent with all your other materials. Billed in 10 min increments with no minimum.

SalesBOSS Assist Does It For you
FABsheets consistently present your image and brand.

SalesBOSS Assist the SMARTER way

Apply today by emailing support after registering for FABsheets.