SalesBOSS Assist – What is it?

SalesBOSS Assist is client specific program that ensure the important things get done. That there is a constant focus on moving the needle forward. That your time is spent on the tasks that directly generate revenue and less time on the elements of the business that don’t.

We could be wrong but we have yet to find anything like our approach. It is more of a hand holding, butt kicking, do it for you ‘partnership’. Kind of like a sales personal trainer & butler all rolled into one.

We make sure you are focused and performing at your peak level while managing the stuff needed to RUN YOUR BUSINESS so you can focus on CLOSING BUSINESS. We are your coach, cheerleader and grunt. For whatever non licensed activities that need to be done we can either do it for you or arrange it for you. When that involves spending some of your marketing dollars, then we spend your money like it is our own.

In short, all the things you know you should be doing will get done and in the end you will make more money and work less. This program is not for every Realtor. If you do less than 20 ends and 10 listings per year it likely does not make financial sense.

Our Ideal Client

We find our ideal client has some if not most of the following characteristics

  • Does 30 to 50 ends per year
  • Is aware they have holes, usually large ones in their marketing or business
  • Has or needs a part-time assistant (or if volume is high enough has a full-time assistant who is at capacity)
  • Has a buyer’s agent (or near needing one) or shares the volume with a partner
  • Has a core competency that currently generates business such as
    • Large referral network
    • Established farm area
    • Large social sphere
    • Large client list regularly reached
    • Established lead generation system
    • Effective hustler (door knocking, kiosk, opens etc)
    • Been in the business 5+ years (10+ is better)

The above is our ideal client but exceptions are made as justified. If you are a fan of our work or referred by one of our Realtor Partners lets chat to see if we can help you too.

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