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Social Media 5 x 5 Strategy

An effective Realtor Social Media Strategy requires the account holder AKA the Realtor to be engaged with their social media feeds and pages. There is no substitution. The Social Assist part of our SalesBOSS Assist program takes care of the business related aspects of our Realtor client’s Social Media Strategy but the benefits of their investment is amplified significantly with this simple, fast and easy strategy.

The social media platforms you apply this approach depends on your chosen strategy and client demogaphics. If you are work with buyers and millennials you are more likely to be on Instagram. An older audience is likely on Facebook. In the perfect world you apply it to at least 2 channels so you are building both and don’t have all your eggs long term in one basket.

The basic premise is to do these 5 things every single day. Pick a time that works for you, add it to your calendar or routine and just do it.

5 X 5 Strategy

  1. 5 Minutes – Set a timer for 5 minutes and work fast. Social Media is an endless rabbit hole. With out a timer you will lose hours of productivity. If you are not done when it goes off hit start it again. Better to lose another 5 minutes than 50!
  2. 5 Likes – Like the first 5 posts in your feed that make any sense to you. Of course pick the applicable reaction emoji! Repeat this between doing each of the below. By the end you should have made 20-25 likes.
  3. 5 Shares – After or during your first 5 likes, look for something useful someone else posted to share. Funny, informative relevant. But you can’t just share. You need to add at least one sentence to explain WHY you are sharing. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your humour, personality, passion, compassion, industry expertise, knowledge. Keep it short – long takes time. Also don’t be afraid to share other Realtor’s listings or posts you are following. It shows professionalism and builds respect within the industry. Help them and they will be more likely to share and help you with your posts. More engagement gives more visibility for your own posts and listings.
  4. 5 Comments – Look for posts that might not be share worthy that you can add a meaningful and thoughtful comment. This gives you exposure as everyone else in their sphere sees your comments. Birthdays are the easiest but look for topics of passion, interest or personally close to them. Ex:
    • Looks like you had a great vacation!
    • Your Cat is off the charts funny!
    • Your son is a real character.
  5. 5 Messangers – This is the most challenging to do quickly so don’t be afraid to spend and extra 5 minutes on this when you start. Look at your friends list, pick 5 people you have not connected with in some time. Go to Messenger and send them a personal direct message. Something simple and easy that is an open ended conversation starter/ender.

    Mary, it has been too long. I saw your picture in my friends list and wanted to reach out to say hi. How things are going for you and the family?

    A quick glance at their feed (scroll no more than twice) for a topic to ask a question on can help too. These one-to-one outreaches ensure they see them as they will be notified. You stay top of mind and you never know what you will uncover. If they are a past client ask about the house, neighbourhood etc. Sometimes it creates an opportunity to go above and beyond if there is something they are unhappy about. Perhaps a reason to send a card or a gift basket or a new plant for a major yard reno. Look for outside the box ways to do something for people.

    Sometimes this results in a couple message back and forth through the day or over a couple of days. It will usually be short and these small interactions are invaluable. It won’t be long before one of them turns into…

    … a friend of mine was just talking about selling their home. You should call them…

5.5: Follow/Friend 5 New People or Pages – this should be more a daily goal as you go about your business. Look for new people to friend or follow. Sometimes a post or comment will introduce you to someone you have met in the past. Maybe it is someone you meet at a showing or a Realtor, speaker or business you admire. Filling your feed with what other Realtors are doing is a great way to generate ideas and strategies for your own business. Start with following one of our star clients. If you know him friend him: Kevin Perra or follow his business fb page Coldwell Banker Perra Realty.


This simple time efficient approach is highly effective. If it works double down or expand to your 2nd or 3rd social platform. This is easy by simply using your toilet time more efficiently! 😉 Give it a try and let us know how it works for you. This one little change to your routine will likely be the most profitable 5 minutes of your day!

Don’t have a Social Media Strategy for your Real Estate business? Let’s talk about how we can put our expertise and team to work making you more money like we have for our current clients!

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