3 Strategies For Generating More Leads

As broker, our business has gotten a lot harder. Rule changes are reducing the number of qualified buyers. Banks are more aggressive out of the gate. Banks are investing in mobile sales forces. While there is still a lot of business out there we have to work smarter and more strategically than ever to get our share.

This post talks about how I use FABratesheets & FABsheets to build my business and how they have been instrumental in maintain relationships even when I have neglected the nurturing that I should be doing. For each of the strategies listed here I provide links to other blog posts that go into the what, why and how in more detail.

If you aren’t a top producer like DW who had the luxury of firing his REALTOR partners, then REALTORs provide a huge opportunity along with the associated burdens of their demands. Building and maintaining relationships with them is not easy so we must look for innovative ways to win their favour as they are targeted non stop by our competitors: other brokers, in-house Bank specialist and shear complacency. Getting anything from them is getting hard, that doesn’t mean we can’t still leverage them to our benefit a few ways.

First let’s classify REALTORS into 3 categories:

  1. Lister (aka Veteran Team)  – the head agent does mostly listings and runs buyers agents for the rest. Winning over their team is just as important as winning over them.
  2. Producer (aka the Balanced Realtor) – they do a mix of buyers and sellers. Usually work solo or with a single partner and shared assistant. Can be good for some business in the year and can sometimes be very loyal.
  3. Newbie (aka Buyer Focused) – often newer or without a big database of sellers. Frequently younger and in many cases working with FTHBs. They often more from this stage into a Balanced Realtor on their own, join a Lister as a buyer’s agent or fail out of the industry. Sometimes they linger in the industry for years.

There are 3 strategies we should apply in different ways to each of the different Realtor types: Top of Mind Brand Awareness, Value First, Valued Partner

1. Top of Mind Brand Awareness

This often gets lost on Brokers but Realtors are not thinking about you all the time. Unless they really need a broker for a situation, they are not thinking about you in their daily business going ons. You need to make sure you are in front of them in a useful way on a regular basis and their listings and opens provides a great opportunity. Until now, this has been a labour intensive painful process. FABratesheets changes all that.

Payment & Rate Sheets for Brand Awareness & Top of Mind

Payment & Affordability Sheets To Show Value & Stay Top of Mind

2. Value First

3. Valued Partner