FABsheets Concierge Service

Our FABsheet Concierge Service takes Feature Sheets off your new listing to-do list. When you activate FABsheet Concierge for a listing we take care of all the hands on efforts required to make sure you get the perfect FABsheet for each listing.

When you get your new listing notification just click on the ‘Order Concierge Service’ link and voila, wheels are in motion. No need to login even!

After that just email or text any special instructions including photos, floor plans or other special requests. From there we will:

  • Select the optimal layout based on the photos and photo count
  • Manually upload photos when required
  • Upload the floorplan PDF
  • Remove abbreviations and time sensitive comments from the description
  • Generate a proof FABsheet and email it to you for your review
  • Click on the link to approve or request changes and we will follow up with a phone call to discuss if required
  • Tell us how many to have printed and we will submit your print order to your preferred print partner
  • Through the whole process we communicate by your preferred method: phone, email and/or text

Concierge For All Your Listings Automatically with any Pro+ Subscription

Prefer to work smarter than harder? Pro+ Subscriptions include concierge services for all your listings automatically. Each level of plus allows for 12 listings per year including other REALTOR’s Open Houses. Learn more about Pro+ Subscriptions Here.

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