FABsheets Team+ Subscription

FABsheets Team+ Subscription

Included Features:

  • All Team features and benefits
  • FABsheet Priority Concierge for the subscribed number of listings – We Do It All For You
  • You choose which listings to Concierge with a single click in the notification email or automatically all
  • We do all the hands on work to produce the perfect FABsheet including:
    • Select the optimal layout based on the photos and photo count
    • Manually upload photos when required
    • Upload floorplan
    • Generate proofs, review them with you and revise as required
    • Remove abbreviations and time sensitive comments from description
    • Submit print order to your preferred print partner
    • Communicate by phone, email and text as required/works for you
  • Paid Annually Only
  • Effectively you are pre-paying for a block of 12 Concierge Listings and in exchange receive them at a 50% discount from purchasing per listing Concierge services.
  • Team+ (up to 12 listings/year)
    Team2+ (up to 24 listings/year)
    Team3+ (up to 36 listings/year)
  • Team?+ (Each plus level provides a block of 12 listings/year)
  • Additional Concierge Credits can be purchased after pre-purchased limit is hit
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