SalesBOSS provides some useful tools to help you maintain existing Broker referral source relationships and add new ones.

FAB Payment Sheets

FAB Payment Sheets are Broker Branded, automatically generated, property specific payment, affordability & rate sheets send to you within 1 hour of your Realtor Subscriber’s new listing hitting MLS.  Learn More.




FABsheet Sponsorship

Looking to add exceptional value and lock-in your Realtor Relationships? Sponsor their FABsheet Annual Subscription.

  • Integrated Double Sided FABsheet Inserts has your FAB Payment Sheet on one side.
    • Benefit: Most Realtors include every insert with every FABsheet
  • Every FABsheet Email Reminders them you are providing the service
    • Benefit: Not only top of mind, you are the top provider of value add
  • Your Advertisement integrated into FABsheet. Default layout templates all include your add directly in the FABsheet. 
    • Benefit: Every buyer takes your ad with the FABsheet and sees it multiple times.
    • Benefit: It is easy for the Realtor to turn over the FABsheet and say “Call this Broker” even if no FAB Payment Sheets present.
  • Your FAB Payment Sheets Automatically sent to them for every listing and links included in every FABsheet Update Email
    • Benefit: You don’t have to manually forward to them
  • Only $240/year per Realtor
    • +120/year for Team (if 2 or more Realtor Codes used)

You must first subscribe a Realtor to FAB Payment Sheets in order to sponsor their FABsheet Subscription.

Contact for more information.