FAB Payment Sheets

FAB Payment Sheets

FAB Payment Sheets make it near effortless to stay top of mind with your Realtor referral sources. The push notifications and automatically generated 3 payment sheet options for each listing make it easy for you to consistently stay top of mind with your Realtors. These two simple actions for each listing will pay for this service 10x over:

  1. Call them to ask if their listing sold and for how much when you get a notification of a listing going off MLS. It is a reason to call about their business. Create a conversation.
  2. Forward them your listing specific Affordability & Payment Sheet you automatically receive within 1 hour of their new listing hitting MLS or print of 10 and drop them at their open houses listed in the Friday Subscription update we send you.

Creating conversations and staying top of mind  = more business. It is really that simple.

Cost: $60/year per Realtor… that works out to $5/mo.

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FAB Payment Sheet Details

FAB Payment Sheets automatically generates up to 3 types of FAB Payment Sheets for every listing an associated Realtor has within 1 hour of their listing hitting MLS. You can then print the PDFs yourself, forward to the Realtor or send to a print shop.

Features & Benefits

  • Realtor Exclusivity – once you sponsor a Realtor no other Broker can produce FAB Payment Sheets for them until you give up that Realtor.
    • Benefit:  You will be the most in-touch and quickest to provide payment sheets making it much easier to build a sold relationship
    • You can switch which Realtor you subscribe at any time*.
    • Subscriptions are non-refundable but can be applied to another available Realtor or used for Random Realtor FAB Payment Sheets (see below)
  • New Listing Notification within 1 hour of hitting MLS
    • Benefit: Signals reason to call to ask about listing and if you can send over payment sheets
    • Benefit:  No other broker will be able to demonstrate the level of attention to your Realtors as you can.
    • Links to all PDFs for printing yourself, forwarding to the Realtor or sending to a print shop to print for you.
  • Off MLS Notification when a previous listing is no longer on MLS
    • Benefit: Reason to call to ask if it sold or was taken off market.
  • Automatically Regenerated for price changes and pictures added for life of listing
    • Benefit: Always up to date when a listing price or pictures change.
  • Friday Realtor Summary Convenience Email includes:
    • Your rates a link to update them.
      • Rate updates trigger auto-regeneration of all Rate Sheets for all listings.
    • Lists all your Realtor subscribers and for each:
      • Their listings, address and prices to make it easy to see what they have going on.
      • Their open houses (times and dates) for the coming weekend so you can drop in and say hi!
      • Links to all 3 FAB Payment Sheet layouts for each listing.
  • For Any Listing – create FAB Payment Sheets for any non-subscribed Realtor using ‘Unassigned Subscriptions’
    • Benefit: Create FAB Payment Sheets for potential Realtor Subscribers before committing to them (let them ‘try them’)
    • Benefit: Helps open relationship doors. Realtors & Consumers find the Affordability version very handy – create and drop off at an open
    • Each week activate a single listing for each Unassigned Subscription – 4 listings per month
    • Have as many Unassigned Subscriptions as you like.
  • Personalized Corporate Branding or Custom Branding options
    • Benefit: Consistently having your branding in every listing of every Realtor subscribed builds your visibility with buyers. Visibility = confidence and credibility. They see you ‘everywhere’. This increases the chances they will call you when a Realtor suggests it.
    • Top and bottom branding can be customized to be consistent with your personal branding or use your Corporate Branding.
      • We can do it for you or your graphic designer can follow our simple specifications.

Branding Examples – Affordability & Payments Layout


3 FAB Payment Sheet Layouts For Every Listing

  • Benefit:  Virtually zero effort on your part making it easy to deliver them for every listing every time.
  • Benefit:  The different layout options allows you to provide unique value and your approach to the business.
  • All 3 send for every listing automatically
  • We are open to creating additional layouts based on broker input. Send us your ideas.
  • Payment, Monthly Cost & Affordability Handout PDF (see above)
  • Purchase Plus Improvement Cost Estimates & payments + Payment, Monthly Cost & Affordability Handout PDF:
  • Traditional Listing Specific Payment & Broker Specific Rates/Specials PDF:

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  1. Once a Realtor is unsubscribed you can not subscribe them again until the subscription expires or you purchase a new subscription and apply them to it.

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