REVA – Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Like Siri or Alexa, Reva is our answer to your Real Estate Assistant. The difference is that Reva is not a digital assistant but your primary personal Virtual Assistant backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced team members scattered near and far. You have one contact point to get everything you need done. We have a scaleable pool of resources at your disposal and bodies on the ground in the Greater Vancouver area to deliver what you need.

Cost Benefits of On-Demand Virtual Assistant Team

As a Realtor your need for an assistant fluctuates with your business but once you commit to hiring someone your costs become fixed whether you have work for them or not. Reva will cost you more per hour but less per year while producing more work of a higher quality with the power of highly skilled, specialized team members some of which are located offshore in lower cost jurisdictions. Benefits:

  • Interface by phone, email, text or in person with an English speaking Vancouver based Manager
  • Only pay for time worked.
  • No ‘make busy/make work’ projects like you have with a full-time assistant.
  • Variable Skill Based Pricing depending on skill and type of work being performed. Starting at $18/hr billed in 5 minute increments ($1.5/increment). Rate is for off shore resources but includes local management oversight included in rate.
  • Exceptional Skilled Off shore Resources at 1/4 the cost. For jobs that require Graphic Design, Programming, Websites we often use off shore contractors that are highly educated and skilled. They work twice as fast and produce double the quality result at 1/2 the cost of your full-time assistant.
  • Vancouver based oversight and management of all work.
  • Youth Skills Training & Experience – for some less technical skills we employee local youths to give them real life experience opportunities while make extra money at a reasonable cost to you that includes management oversight.
  • No gaps in availability when your assistant leaves or is on vacation
  • No training or re-training due to team turnover

Technology Leadership

Efficiency and productivity is core to everything we do. We are always studying what is going on in the industry and looking for ways to provide value to our Realtor Partners. Our initial flagship product FABsheets came out of identifying a need for Realtors to easily look consistently professional for all their listings. We don’t just take your order for specific tasks, we look for ways to add value and produce a better end result of what your specific goal is. In most cases you will find working with us will up your business to another level all at a lower cost than doing it yourself.

Marketing Leadership & Innovation Sharing

The ability to generating business opportunities is at the core of every successful Realtor’s business. Consistently implementing your marketing strategy is fundamental. By have Reva be responsible for consistent implementation of your personal specific strategy can focus on your core business – converting opportunities while trusting that your plans are being executed.

But we want to take your marketing a step further. The opportunities in business are constantly evolving. New technologies, new ideas & strategies. Some of the best ones take a significant technology investment. We have the technical staffing, know how and existing infrastructure to take a new concept and implement it quickly and cost effectively. By working with our customers we look for opportunities to cost share the creation and implementation of new technology that is only available to you and our other participating clients. Our goal it so give our clients a competitive edge over everyone else. For this reason we try and distribute our Reva clients across the lower mainland geography with minimal overlap. Each of our clients gets a unique competitive advantage over other Realtors in their specific area.

We have one simple goal. Partnering us will cost you a little but make you a whole lot more.

‘Everything Else’ Better than You

Our mantra is that we do the ‘Everything Else’  better than you. We believe that as a Realtor you make money 1 way: Being person to person with home owners, potential buyers, past clients & your sphere. ‘Everything Else’ should be left to us.

Your Primary Reva contact is Greg Viger, Founder & Manager of the SalesBOSS Assist Reva Team. Here are just some of the reasons we believe we can do ‘Everything Else’ better than you:

  • Zero Training: We hit the ground running.  Greg has the experience and understanding every element of your business.
  • Computers: Greg is highly efficient & skilled with everything related to a computer (office apps, programming (javascript, php, java, mysql, css, html, wordpress), networking, website creation and has a team of more skilled contractors in his network.
  • Realtor: Greg was a Realtor for 5 years but his wife hated the hours so it was mostly part-time (Coldwell Banker Westburn) now he understands the business.
  • Listings: Systems & processes followed to a T for new listing startup: sign order, feature sheet creation & printing/photo/video/drone/floorplan ordering/scheduling, coordinating showings, non-licensed services, activity reporting, open house management, etc
  • Buyers: We are exceptional with clients. Booking showings, setting up Paragon, sending information, coordinating subject removal period etc
  • English: Greg only speaks and writes English but has a team of off shore contractors for other languages at a low cost.
  • Outsourcing: From data entry to Computer Wizards we have a network and know how to hire high quality off shore workers. We use a screen logging time tracking system for accurate and fair time billing of all contractors.
  • Graphic Design: Greg is skilled at graphic design/photoshop/illustrator with existing collateral and will manage more signifcant brand or identity building projects as required.
  • Social Media: Ads, lead gen, branding, Facebook Pixel leverage for targeted advertising and lead generation strategies. Whatever strategy you want to implement we can manage it for you.
  • Sales: Greg has a complete understanding of the sales cycle, lead generation, inside sales routines etc and can work leads, enquiries etc.
  • Marketing: You (not the listings) takes a defined thought out strategy with consistent implementation. I have studied this area extensively and know how to leverage technology to help you and can implement for you.
  • Trust, Confidentiality & Copyright: I operate at the highest moral and integrity standard. I represent you and position my self as as your assistant. Everything we discuss and I am privy to related to your business, strategy, clients etc is kept entirely confidential unless I have your explicit permission to share. I am happy to sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements if you feel they are necessary. I will not sub-contract any of the work you entrust to me without getting your permission by email first. On your request or the termination of our relationship I will destroy all works related to you that are in my possession. Everything I work on for you belongs to you and you retain all copyrights.

Our Guarantee

Every minute of our time is billable including our initial consultation as it tends to form the start of the on-boarding process. However it is also covered under our Guarantee.

At the end of your first hour of billed time (or initial consult if it goes that long) Greg will ask you if you would like to terminate the arrangement or keep working together. If you would like to terminate there is no cost and we move on.

Rates, Payments & Deposit

If you choose to work with us beyond the first hour, you will be asked for your credit card or requested you enter it directly into our payment page to make a $150 pre-paid deposit. We bill for actual work performed, invoice weekly at the end of the week and automatically charged to your credit card. The $150 remains on deposit as an advance for future work. Upon the termination of our working relationship you will be refunded the $150.

Rates vary depending on the resources being hired based on the currently published schedule available under your SalesBOSS account. In general they are (all prices per 5 minute interval):

Offshore Resources (includes Greg Viger management oversight for 20% of each hour billed):

Data Entry/Web Research/Remote Admin Tasks: $1.00
Graphic Design/Web Updating/Social Media: $2.00
Graphic Design-Advanced/Content Creation: $2.50

Vancouver Based Resources (no Greg Viger direct oversight):

Unskilled/Manual Labour/Body (stuffing, open houses etc) $1.50
Skilled/Experienced Office Assistant $2.00
Greg Viger  Consultations: $4.00

Taking Action is 9/10th of Your Battle

Text Greg right now at 604-931-1960 to arrange a consultation to discuss your business needs.