Social Media Assist – What is it?

SalesBOSS Social Assist is a key element of our SalesBOSS Assist program.

Simply putting up pics or links to a virtual tour are minimally effective. Re-posting articles from your company or the media no longer produces benefits to justify the expense of time or staff if that is the extent of your Social Media Strategy.

The goal posts (or algorithms as the techs call them) keep changing and it is impossible for a Realtor focused on being a Realtor to keep track of the changes.

Most social media ‘help’ doesn’t really understand the Real Estate business and for economic reasons typically provides a cookie cutter approach.

A Business Social Media Strategy is a dynamic and challenging venture that takes a very strategic approach to why and how you implement it.

The reality is that a Realtor Social Media Strategy is a significant investment. If you trip over dollars to pickup pennies then we advise you stay away from Social and Digital Marketing. In a business like Real Estate you have to spend money to make money.

We focus on spending your money wisely so it makes more money for you. If there is not a measurable positive ROI (Return On Investment) then it is way to spend your money. We understand this.

How we can help you is custom tailored to the specific needs of your business, what staff you already have, where your business comes from, the category of business you typically do and the geographic & demographics of where most of your business is located.

If you are serious about increasing your volume, reducing your exposure to a downturn and improving your profitability a Realtor Social Media Strategy is necessary these days. Let chat about your weaknesses, strengths and how we can help you be better.

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