6.5 Keys To Making FABULOUS FABsheets

6.5 Keys To Making FABULOUS FABsheets

Your FABsheets are automatically generated for you. But just like the cookie cutter MLS Feature Sheets don’t cut it anymore, your default FABsheet settings aren’t the perfect solution for every listing. Here are a few tips to get the most out of  your FABsheets and really demonstrate your Professionalism.

  1. Pictures Are Everything – More Is Better
    Not every listing has the mouth watering kitchen or to-die-for view. But every listing has something worth selling and pictures sell. Photos should not just be of rooms but of the features and benefits of the property. Focus your camera lens on key elements and when those are far and few between, focus on location location location. For many, especially smaller condos, photos of the local Starbucks/Tims, rec center, transit station, schools, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, parks, nature trails or whatever someone might like when considering the location. People are not always familiar with a new area and what it has to offer so make sure that when they walk away, they see the whole package. For more great tips subscribe to our Realtor Photo Tips that SELL Newsletter Series.
  2. The Perfect Spread
    With 20+ photo and data layouts and more being added monthly, FABsheets provides an option for just about every listing. Integrate the floor plan or do a separate fully branded floorplan and photo insert. Whether you have lots of pictures or only a few, make the most of what you have to work with. A killer view or local feature that is a wow? Put it as the page background and let it show through.
  3. The Right Size
    With today’s prices, anything smaller than a Ledger size for an openhouse or showing is cheaping out. But for leaving in the mail room or a post box, legal and letter can work well. It is fast and easy to create all the sizes so don’t hold back. Keep that post box full of your brand, image and professionalism. Make sure there are always a few floating around the mail room or on the mail room cork board. Get a few minutes of exercise and drop some copies in neighbour’s mail boxes.
  4. A Difference You Can Feel
    The most invisible thing you can do to subconsiously demonstrate that you are a high quality professional is to use a heavy high quality paper. When they touch it, their sense are hightened. When they look at your FABsheets their eyes confirm what their fingers already told them. Speak the right words at that moment and you establish a powerful connection between you, your brand and the consumer’s perception of you.
  5. Words That Move
    The words you craft to draw emotion and connection to a property are key to drawing a potential buyer in. The words you lay in your MLS/Internet description brings them in the door. The words in your FABsheet are to bring them to the table. Once they see the property, the good and the bad, you want to remind them of the benefits, what can be done with the bad parts and what they likely would have loved about the property after seeing it. If a selling point can’t be covered by a photo it should be covered with words.
  6. Sell Yourself
    Include a bio that helps potential customers build confidence, trust and connect with you and the value you provide. The one place you can show off your awards without it sounding like you are bragging. Like Testimonials, awards provide 3rd party validation of your achievements and success.

6.5: Smoke & Mirrors – Show Your Magic

The whole point of FABsheets is to demonstrate your professionalism, consistently promote your brand, enable you to stand out in the crowd and earn you most business. Sure they will help sell the property, but really it is about selling you to the next home seller or buyer. Make a lasting impression by putting your brand consistently in front of every potential customer every opportunity you have. Nothing should ever be handed to a client without your brand & identity on it.

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